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Why Online Tutoring?
The power of internet along with the affordability of high speed online service has enabled the development and use of distant learning tools. TutorHigh uses the same technology as used by major schools, universities and corporations for distant learning and web conferencing. The use of this technology coupled with the high education standards of our passionate tutors allows TutorHigh to deliver a very cost effective and result oriented tutoring.
  • Students and parents can benefit from scheduling their own time for tutoring from the comfort and security of their own home. Imagine no more traveling for tuition and spending countless hours on the road.
  • In an online set up, students are more relaxed and feel no peer pressure. They generally ask questions which they would not in a face to face learning environment.
  • Whiteboard information for every session is recorded.
  • All of the information provided is kept strictly confidential. None of the tutors have access to student's detailed account information.
    Informed Parent
  • If student is not online for a scheduled session start time, the tutor will try to contact the parent within 15 minutes.
  • Education counselors follow up with parents periodically via phone or e-mail to discuss student's progress or concerns.
  • Whiteboard information for every session is recorded so that student and parent can review the content at a later time.
  • Student's progress reports can be viewed online by the parent.
  • Cost benefits are tremendous - no more traveling cost, no more time spent by adults to chauffer the kids around.
  • The cost of one on one online tutoring is far less than what one would pay for a tennis or piano lesson.
  • Most Cost effective one- to-one tutoring option available.
    Student and tutor are in a live session using whiteboard and audio communication over the internet. We use the same technology used by major schools and universities for distant learning.
    Convenience of your home, at your schedule
    You simply need a computer with an internet connection
    Tutors are certified educators